Cutaway model – Functional Model The latest generation of Mercedes gasoline direct injection engines as a cutaway model with a manual drive. The motor can be rotated by means of a gear mounted on the side of crank by hand. The engine and its components are cut, which has remained the regular function. Thus, all functions and procedures are observed within a complete revolution of the crankshaft.


Code: 93624


The engine can be turned easily by a crank handle. All parts move along.

Cut away are:

▪ Cylinder and cylinder head

▪ Turbo charger

▪ Water pump

▪ Valve cup

▪ Camshaft timing chain housing

▪ Vacuum pump

▪ Fuel injection pump

▪ Injector

▪ Ignition coil

▪ Rail tube

▪ Injection nozzle

▪ Air intake manifold

▪ Hydraulic valve lifter

▪ Oil pump B. Warning notice Please take care of your fingers (crushing hazard) when turning / using the motor.


The new engine series M 270 has over 1,600 cubic capacity and was designed for transverse installation. The new direct injection combined with a very fast and precise piezo injector with a new spray-guided combustion process.

  • Highlights of the M 270 engine at a glance:

fulfilling the Euro 5 emissions standard with future potential

  • Gasoline direct injection with piezo injectors, the latest generation of the Mercedes Benz spray-guided combustion process
  • Fast Switching Piezo injections for multiple injection of fuel
  • Combination of direct injection with a charge by a turbocharger
  • TCU via vacuum
  • Advanced phaser for optimized timing
  • Advanced control and optimization of oil and cooling circuit controlled by a coolant pump and a controlled engine oil pump
  • ECO start-stop function using starter-supported direct start
  • Needs-based multi-spark ignition
  • Die-cast aluminum crankcase
  • The controlled vane oil pump with an electronically controlled two-stage pressure control enables the supply of lubricating and cooling parts of the engine at a significantly lower driving power than an uncontrolled pump.


Please take care of your fingers (crushing hazard) when turning / using the motor