Frame Sensor: CPCS OPTCBVT01

Control panel: CPCC AMP-BVT-01


  • Strip centre guiding systems with pair of edge position detectors, the sensor system is firmly installed and constantly detects any lateral strip deviation.
  • The strip centre guiding system is used for uncoilers and steering units, those used to feed strip products to a treatment process or to guide them toward reference position, centrally along the process line.
  • The measured values are evaluated by the CPC controller and are used to activate the servovalve, which will control the hydraulic cylinder and therefore the actuator which counteracts the lateral deviation of the strip.
  • And by the stroke transducer, the actuator can be moved to the central position.


  • Component:

1. Controller

2. Hydraulic power pack (servo valve included)

3. Hydraulic cylinder

4. Stroke transducer

5. CPC sensor

  • Further information, please refer to attached appendix:

1. CPC Sensor technical specification

2. Hydraulic power pack diagram and technical specification

3. Servo valve and stroke transducer

4. Control system diagram.


  • Power supply: 220VAC 50Hz (L+N+PE)
  • Signal: Digital: 24VDC ; Analog: 4…20mA / 0…10VDC
  • Plant-wide data communication via: Profibus/Profinet
  • Local data logging for system runtime information & fault trace
  • No special tool required for program download and firmware upgrade
  • Cylinder stroke range from center position: ± 150mm (max)
  • Stroke transducer: magnetostrictive linear displacement sensor (contactless)
  • Working hydraulic pressure: 80-140 bar (max)
  • Working hydraulic flowrate: 40-80 lpm (max).
  • Accuracy: ± 1mm (max) – no mechanical tolerance count
  • Dynamic respone to line speed up to 200 mpm (max)


  • Robustness for long-term service pediod, minor maintenance required
  • High accuracy with no strip thickness limit
  • Extreme dynamic response for strip position detection at line speed up to 200MPM
  • Modular design, installation and maintenance with strip on the process line



  • Type: Photoelectric
  • Strip size: 600-1400mm width as standard, other on request
  • No strip thickness limits
  • Working range: +/- 150 mm
  • Accuracy: +/- 1 mm
  • Power: +/- 15VDC max. 300 mA
  • Output: 0 – 10 VDC
  • Linearity: +/- 5% max. deviation
  • Plane change: +/- 1% max. deviation
  • Ambient: Temperature 15 – 800C Humidity 65 – 95% IP65



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