This consists of 6 MIAC NXT educational Electronic Control Units and accompanying Locktronics
boards which mimic the electrical system in a vehicle. The system includes 3 CAN bus networks at
different speeds: CAN convenience bus, CAN drive train bus, CAN OBDII bus and a LIN bus for the
instrument cluster. One MIAC NXT performs the function of a Gateway ECU which provides
communication between the system and OBDII scan tools. The 6 Locktronics / MIAC nodes are:
• A – Body and control front
• B – Engine control
• C – Instrument control
• D – Powertrain control
• E – Body control – rear
• F – Gateway and master
The CAN and LIN bus system can be enhanced through the addition of real automotive sensors and
actuators that are added to the system.
Accompanying free curriculum is provided for Level 3 students (CAN and LIN BUS fundamentals) and
level 4/5 students (CAN bus: Under the hood). The system makes use of the J1939 open CAN bus
standard and the J1979 OBDII standard so that it is compatible with all third-party scan tools. A PC
based diagnostic program provides a graphical display of the functionality of the system and allows
students to see the CAN/LIN/OBDII messages on the buses.
The CAN and LIN bus system is fully supported by Flowcode programming software with
accompanying J1939 and J1979 software libraries.


• 3 CAN bus networks
• Real automotive comonentry
• Supports J1939 open CAN standard
• 8 inputs
• 2 relays
• 6 transistor outputs
• 3 x CAN bus
• 1 x LIN bus
• USB, Bluetooth, Wifi and LAN
• Full API provided
• Flowcode compatible.
• 2 full curriculum.


CP0607 – CAN and LIN bus fundamentals
• CAN and LIN bus wiring
• ECU function
• Network topology
• CAN and LIN bus
• Using scan tools
• Debugging CAN bus systems with a multimeter
• Circuit design for fault detection

CP0411 – CAN bus – under the hood
• PC based diagnostics
• Sensors and actuators in CAN and LIN bus systems
• CAN bus message encoding
• LIN bus message encoding
• ECU and vehicle circuit function
• Gateway function: CAN to LIN, LIN to CAN
• Start-up routines
• J1939 CAN bus protocol
• OBDII functions