Discovery-based e-learning about light vehicles.


Our e-learning platform is designed to address the reality that most technical students prefer hands-on learning. Electude’s modules utilize gamification principles and highly interactive resources, like animations and simulations, to create a discovery-based environment that keeps students engaged. Formative assessments on every screen ensure understanding before the learner is permitted to advance to the next level.

Instructors have a wealth of customizable resources at their fingertips, including the ability to gather detailed group and individual analytics and teach using the most up-to-date technical information available.


Automotive Essentials offers a comprehensive curriculum of automotive maintenance and repair learning modules. Our unique discovery-based and gamified solution engages today ’s learners. It has been designed to cover all areas of leading national qualification standards, including ASE, IMI, City & Guilds, Lernfelder, TESDA, and Grado Superior.

  • Covers eight main subject areas
  • Over 1500 lessons & quizzes
  • Includes LMS
  • SCORM, xApi and LTI integrations supported
  • Contains Engine Management Simulator
  • DIY authoring tool – add your own content
  • Text-to-speech tool will read content out-loud
  • Over 30 languages included
  • Content continuously updated
  • Mobile device-enabled
  • 9% uptime.








This complete electric drive curriculum teaches technical students and working technicians all of the components and systems of hybrid and electric vehicles, including electric motors, hybrid systems, charging systems, and the most current battery technology. It uses interactive lessons, animations and simulations in over 100 lesson modules, emphasizing safety and simulating safe work practices. A printed companion guidebook is available separately


Electude’s Engine Management Simulator allows users to practice their diagnostic skills in a highly realistic simulated environment. Instructors can create countless faults and description combinations for students to diagnose individually, in teams, or as part of a classroom experience.  You and your students can apply knowledge, solve problems and discuss the how and the why of every solution.

  • Includes hundreds of pre-built faults and the ability to build many more
  • Includes LMS
  • SCORM, xApi and LTI integrations supported
  • DIY authoring tool lets you add your own content
  • Over 30 languages included
  • Content continuously updated
  • Mobile device-enabled.
  • Coverage for all courses typically offered in today ’s automotive technology programs
  • Lesson plans aligned to the ASE Educational Foundation task list
  • Discovery-based modules that teach why and how vehicle systems operate
  • How-to-modules include videos on repair and maintenance procedures
  • A printed/printable student companion guide that reinforces online lesson-modules
  • Kahoot! online gamified assessments
  • Printable tests and worksheets
  • Instructor support, including an answer guide
  • The ability to filter results at the group, individual and module level.

Classroom is Electude’s next level solution to technical instruction in every setting. With Classroom, whether your students are online, in the shop, or in front of you in a classroom, you’ll have all the tools you need on a single, integrated platform.  Includes a new, three-level collection of digital labs correlated to major accreditation and certification standards, including the ASE. We have built our reputation providing high quality technical e-learning solutions to thousands of customers in over 70 countries. Electude Classroom represents the next step in this revolutionary journey.