Reducing pressure in water distribution systems is a proven technique for reducing leakage and the frequency of bursts. Conventionally, pressure reduction is achieved by a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV), which delivers a fixed outlet pressure to the network. Regulo is Technolog’s next generation of advanced pressure controller – a fully integrated GSM/GPRS Electronic PRV Controller.

Regulo PRV Controller – A proven solution for reducing leakage and burst frequency, bringing intelligent cost effective pressure control to your network.

The Regulo is easily connected to most types of Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV), offering multiple control options, remote configuration of downstream pressure profiles and transmission over 2G (SMS/GPRS), 3G, NB-IoT and LTE Cat M1 networks.

Key Features

  • Provides optimized calmer network pressures
  • Prolongs the expected life of a distribution network, reducing capital expenditure
  • Flow, time and advanced closed loop control supporting real-time feedback from Cello data loggers installed at critical points
  • Integral multi channel data logger
  • Remote profile configuration
  • Hydraulic-less control, no filters required, low maintenance
  • External battery or externally powered
  • Advanced channel profile and threshold alarms
  • Remote monitoring and control through locally deployed PMAC software or web based WaterCore platform
  • Digital transducers enable water and ambient temperature measurement