The intelligent system: 

The working head, which moves on an air cushion in four directions (forward, backward, right, left). The high precision spindle is attached to a ball joint which enables it to be used with inclinations in any directions up to a ±7°. Movement is transmitted by a motor, keyed in axis, which makes it possible to operate with constant torque; rev. regulation from 0÷1000 rpm is by means of a cycle – converter. These combined movements of the working head and sleeve enable the head to be positioned on the real axis of the valve guide, so that the milling operation is carried out with absolute precision.

Complete kit: 

• Machine complete with working head and cylinder
head stand
• n° 2 stands for cylinder head
• n° 1 tool holder head
• n° 3 tool bit head, adjustable for
Ø 18÷35 / 30÷42 / 42÷60 mm
• n° 1 flat tool bit
• n° 2 shaped tool bit 30° and 45°
• n° 6 hardened steel fixed pilots
• n° 7 hardened steel self-centering pilots
complete with expanding collet
• n° 1 tool setting device
• n° 1 service hand tools


• Pilots in all sizes and diameters, in both millimeters and inches • Fixed pilots in tungsten carbide • Hard metal tool bits • Tool holders for Ø
> 60 mm • Tip holder for Ø > 60 mm • Tool sharpener with diamond lapping wheel• Micrometer • Vacuum tester •Reamers on request.