The existing main control panel of Can Filler control system:

  • This is free standing painted steel panels, three combination blocks, two doors per block, with total dimension in W3000xD350xH1800 +Base150.
  • Included inside of Simatic S5 115U remote I/Os station, 06 VLTs, 03 Soft starter and some of components as transformer, power supply, relay, contactor, CB & MCB …
  • The existing S5 remote I/Os station is the slave of the master base in operating station.

The existing operating control panel of Can Filler system:

  • This is free standing stainless steel panel, single block, single door, with dimension in W1000xD400xH1800 +Base100.

Included of Simatic S5 115U CPU and I/Os station, LTC3 control system.

All the control panels has some difficulties for the maintenance, include of:

  • Simatic S5 has notified to stop provided from Siemens.
  • Most components are used for long time will be reduce quality so that hard to prevent damage suddenly.
  • Have some modify in existing control panel without updating on electrical drawing.
  • Have some damaged of cable markers, terminal makers.
  • Non complies to Heineken standard
  • Non complies to Electrical Safety standard EN 60204-1


Below is scope of works and supply for this project:

  • Supply S7 CPU315-2DP and S7-300 IO modules to replace for the current S5 PLC and IO modules in main and operating control panels.
  • Supply and install an EATON’s UPS to backup power for Can filler control system.
  • Supply and replace the current main and operating panel enclosure frames including cooling unit by the new Rittal’s panel enclosure frames.
  • Supply and replace 01 current Flow meter.
  • Supply and replace whole equipment inside the current main and operating control cabinet as relays, contactors, circuit breakers, terminals, control cables, cable ducts, Danfoss VLTs, soft starters, transformers…
  • Supply and replace whole external connection box’s terminals & tagnames by new ones
  • Whole communication signals (dry contact) between Cold Block & Can Filler will be replaced by Profibus Cable including DP Coupler & Repeater.
  • Supply and install HMI touch screen 15″ for can filler control cabinet. The graphic design of HMI touch screen 15″ will based on the current equipment have installed at site and follow Electrical drawing supplied by VBLTG.
  • Whole alarms displayed on the current text display as well as all communication signal between the current operation control cabinet and other machines will also be displayed on HMI touch screen 15″ as VBLTG’s requirements.
  • Write the S7-300 PLC program in order to control can filler control cabinet, this will base on the S5 PLC program of the current control cabinet (refer to document attached “S5 PLC program”) supplied by VBLTG

August 29, 2022


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