The Hach sc1000 Multi-parameter Universal Controller is a state-of-the-art modular controller system. Use it directly with 8 sensors or network several together to accommodate many more sensors and parameters. The sc1000 consists of a Display Module and one or more Probe Modules. The sc1000 Display Module is intuitive, with an easy to use interface and large color touch-screen display that can be used for any number of parameters. One Display Module controls one or several Probe Modules connected by a digital network. The Display Module is fully portable, and can be disconnected and moved anywhere within the network. The Display Module is also available with GSM/GPRS, Ethernet and TCP/IP capability. Each sc1000 Probe Module provides power to the system and can accept up to 8 digital sensors/expansion boards. Probe Modules can be networked together to accommodate up to 32 digital sensors/expansion boards attached to the same network.



Plug-and-Play Operation

There’s no complicated wiring or set up procedures with the sc1000 controller. Just plug the sensor into a Probe Module and it is ready for use without special ordering or software configuration.

Mix and Match Digital Sensors

Any of Hach’s digital sensors and analyzers can be plugged into the Probe Module. Choose from Hach’s line of digital sensors: dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP, conductivity, turbidity, suspended solids, nitrate, etc. and analyzers: ammonium, phosphate, etc. Use them in any combination.*

Flexible Input/output Options

Communication and relay options for the sc1000 controller can be configured to suit any situation. Available configurations for a single Probe Module include: up to 4 relay contacts for alarm and control functions, up to 12 analog outputs for measured values, up to 12 analog or digital inputs from non-digital sensors (i.e., flow or pressure sensors), up to 8 digital inputs from digital sensors, select from multiple network card options such as MODBUS®, PROFIBUS DP, and more.”

Expandable and Upgradeable

The sc1000 controller can adapt to your needs. Change probes without changing the controller. Probe Modules can be added or removed depending on operational needs. Fully upgradable software ensures that this system will not become obsolete for the foreseeable future.

Advanced Communication Options

Use the sc1000 controller for hassle-free communications. Advanced communication features include: Modbus TCP/IP. The sc1000 controller features state-of-the art Modbus TCP/IP communications protocol for seamless integration into a network of devices that support TCP/IP sockets. Use a standard Ethernet cable or connect wirelessly using GSM/GPRS to communicate with your SCADA, PLC or your organization’s network.