Many water utilities in the world challenge in improving the water management such as non-revenue water reduction, efficient use of water resources, safe & stable drinking water distribution and so on. Collecting the accurate meter data is essential for this improvement. The Aichi Tokei Denki SD Single – jet Water Meter / Multi – jet Water Meter is suitable for this application because it is not only accurate but also cost – effective & robust.



  • Easy to read display
  • Readable positioning
  • Robust design against foreign material (Dry-dial)
  • Misreadabale display.
  • Non – rotating register & shroud
  • Poor visibility with dirty water (Wet-dial)


  • Class C performance
  • Display range 0.1L – 99999 m3
  • Long term stable measurement
  • Supper big display for easy reading
  • Rotating register & shroud
  • Robust body
  • Hermetically sealed to eliminate condensation
  • 3,000,000 pieces in service.

System Options