Today, it is significant to capture the revenue while reducing the overall operating costs.

Also, the water meters need to be more simple, accurate and reliable. TR-IV is an ideal for the field use of performance comparison testing on installed water meters for accuracy and performance.

TR-IV is portable water meter test kit for 15mm, 20mm and 25mm. It is compact, light weight and accurate which can provide you the data for water meter replacement program for the improvement of non-revenue management.



  • Cost for meter testing is low.
  • Meter accuracy: Identify the meter to replace
  • Testability: easy field test


  • Special factory – calibrated meter
  • Within ± 0.5% Repeatability error at 0.1 to 3.0 m3/h
  • After-sales service supported (charged)
  • Over 30 years field experience.
  • Easy to read display (LCD)
  • Self-powered with internal battery (non-replaceable)

Test Image

  1. Connect TR-IV to the trap
  2. Set up display to be flow mode for testing.
  3. Purge, adjust flow and close vales.
  4. Change display to be Trip Accumulated Amount and reset it.
  5. Read installed water meter.
  6. Open valse & pass water flow again.
  7. Close valse & calculate the error of measurement.