The Lesta LEBOT MV A6 is an anthropomorphic robot capable of recording its axis movements in real time and automatically playing them back.

The basic version of the Lesta robot is equipped with 6 axes.

The arm is made of aluminum to ensure the ease of use. Its movements are balanced by the hydraulic system with compressed air.


The Lesta LEBOT MV A6 is the most popular robot at Lesta and can be used for industrial painting, but also it can be used for drying, firing, spraying gelcoat, fiberglass, adhesives and much more.

This robot model has maximum versatility and can be configured on the ground, on carousels or with an in-line conveyor. It can also be suspended from overhead wagons or attached to wagons on the ground or walls.

The use of this robotic solution is wide. It is used for wood painting, metal, plastic, ceramics, glass, paper and many more. It is often used in the production of chairs, windows, boxes, frames, doors, hoods, spoilers and fenders, components for tractors and agricultural and larger machinery, hydraulic pumps, helmets, pots, buttons and many more.

Available in ATEX version and also in UL version (safety standard for North American hazardous locations).


The robot is built in an explosion-proof version, with 6 controlled axes, electrically operated. The robot is supplied with all the pressurized electrical parts on the machine as well as the connection sheaths between the panel and the robot. When the robot is built in the ATEX version, the pressurization system is controlled by a safety PLC that inhibits the operation of the machine in cases where: 1. The initial wash cycle is not completed correctly 2. During the normal work cycle, the overpressure which is continuously monitored drops to the ambient pressure, indicating that one of the protective casings or one of the sheaths is damaged and cannot guarantee the tightness of the circuit. In this case all the voltages from the panel to the robot are interrupted putting the system in safety.


  • Protection class: ATEX zona 2/22 Cat. 3G
  • Wrist payload: 4 Kg
  • Repeatability: ±3 mm al polso
  • Full speed: 1000 mm/s
  • Power supply: 3×400 VAC