• Teaching joystick with configurable buttons.
  • Compact electrical panel (1320x1070x510mm).
  • 15 ” touch-screen monitor.
  • Windows 10 embedded (WES).
  • Remote assistance (with PLC connected to the company LAN and Internet access).
  • 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs at 24Vdc. 2 digital relay outputs (alarm and cycle in progress), 8 inputs that can be memorized in the teaching and replicated automatically.
  • New generation ETHERCAT magnetic encoders with multiturn and absolute counting.
  • Digital servo drives on Ethercat bus to control brushless motors from 5 to 16 axes up to 12A.
  • PLC / CN (powered at 1×110-250Vac).
  • Wide range of power supplies (from 3x110Vac to 3x500Vac)
  • Optional: expandability of digital and analog inputs and outputs
  • Optional: IPCAM camera for monitoring the machine in order to view the machine while working. All electronic material supplied is from a leading German company leader in the sector.